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Controlling synthetic marijuana has become all-but-impossible

Synthetic marijuana is actually not marijuana at all, but various chemical compounds that closely mimic the effects of marijuana, though their chemical consistency may be quite different.

Such substances are extremely dangerous, because they have been badly studied, and are actually subject to almost no legal norms.

You may wonder how it is possible for substances sold openly to not be subject to legal norms
It’s quite true that it is illegal to sell a product that is chemically very close to a substance that is illegal.

The problem is that this bar only applied to products that have been labeled as designed for human consumption. Manufacturers of synthetic marijuana and other synthetic drugs circumvent this by labeling their products as not for human consumption.

A person manufacturing an illegal drug will often label it as being not a consumable product, but instead, incense, or some other similar substance, such as bath salts. The consumers who buy the product know that it is a ‘marijuana substitute’, but officials of the food and drug administration cannot take it off the market.

Ultimately, I suppose, legislation will go through, that will make any substance similar to an illegal substance, illegal to produce without a specific license. But for now this loop-hole exists, and dozens of fly-by-night manufacturers are making use of it.

This puts a flood of extremely dangerous and potentially lethal products on the market
People who use them think that the product is some variation of marijuana or another drug, and don’t realize that it is a completely different substance with effects that have not been studied by anyone who is at all concerned about the life and health of potential users. Some of these substances are certainly potentially lethal.

Even though the government is putting in legislation that contains a long list of the new designer drugs, (and which makes those items on the list illegal), this is actually a rather weak law that will not stop the flood of dangerous synthetic marijuana flooding the market today.

This is because any competent chemist can change the chemical constitution of the drug very slightly, and thereby, make it legal in the new variation. At the same time, the drug will be similarly enough to the banned substance to allow it to give users the same high and other effects.

This is exactly what the manufacturers of synthetic marijuana and other drugs are doing today
As the government tries to make their products illegal, they simply change their product slightly and put it right back on the market, and by doing this, ensure that the laws no longer apply to it. Some variations of synthetic marijuana and other drugs on the market today have been linked to extremely life-threatening effects.

Some who take these drugs have suffered intense hallucinations, while other users have actually committed suicide while under the effects of the drugs. Use of these synthetic drugs has been linked to episodes of extreme violence.

Synthetic marijuana has been clearly linked to heart attacks among users
That is to say, a good number of teens who have used synthetic marijuana have actually suffered heart attacks when under the influence of the drug. So synthetic marijuana definitely meets the criteria for a seriously life threatening substance.

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