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Dealing with a person high on marijuana

Itís quite likely that you may have to help someone high on marijuana at some point in your life, as marijuana dependence or addiction is actually quite common.

Remember that over a hundred thousand people are treated for marijuana addiction annually in the United States alone, and that, at least seven percent of all those who try marijuana will end up being addicted to it.

Donít interfere while the person is high
If someone is high on marijuana, there is no need to interfere unless the intoxication seems to be an overdose, or a combination of several drugs, that is to say, unless it seems life threatening or dangerous in some way.

You can take the intoxicated person to a doctor, as a physician is really the most competent person to assess whether or not an intoxication is life threatening. If it is life threatening, which can easily occur if there is combination of drugs involved, or if there is a combination of drugs or alcohol, then the intoxication will require medical treatment.

If it is simply a normal marijuana intoxication, then time is really the best way of treating it, as the high will subside in a little while.

There is little point in trying to treat an addict for a marijuana addiction while they are intoxicated
This is because the mind is not rational at this time. Generally speaking, medical treatment is only necessary in cases where serious and chronic use of marijuana has led to delirium induced by the marijuana, or serious psychotic disorders that have been induced by marijuana use.

These things can occur, and are indeed, quite common.

For example, chronic depression is often induced by marijuana use, because marijuana use uses up neurotransmitters in the brain, and depression is a natural result of this.

Similarly, treatment for marijuana may become imperative if marijuana use is inducing intense anxiety when the patient is not high. But, other than this, there is little reason for medical intervention in quitting marijuana.

A good support circle
The most important thing that a marijuana user needs is an extremely supportive circle of family and friends.

A userís family and friends can encourage him or her, not only to quit weed, but by making it clear that they value his or her capabilities, personalities and talents. With such support the marijuana user will find withdrawal a easy and relatively painless process.

Support groups can also help, but not everyone may be comfortable with the belief systems that are sometimes part of these groups. Nevertheless, many people have had positive experiences in quitting marijuana and other addictions through narcotics anonymous.

Relapses can occur
Remember that marijuana users tend to occasionally relapse even after withdrawal. One must not be critical when this happens, as it is a natural part of the withdrawal process, but instead, should be extremely supportive of the marijuana user.

If a marijuana user relapses and happens to use the drug shortly after withdrawing, you must show a lot of understanding, and talk of the relapse as part of a learning process rather than as a sign of failure.

Try to get the marijuana user to see it in this light, and as a result, you might find that they come away from this experience stronger rather than weaker.

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