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Does marijuana affect academic capability?

There are lots of names for marijuana. It is called weed, or pot, or hash, or Mary Jane, but whatever itís called, the effects are well known, and marijuana itself is widely used.

Marijuana also has a lot of supporters who actually believe that the drug is beneficial. Both sides of the issue are rather fanatical in their support or their disparagement of marijuana. So, letís take a look at the effect marijuana has on young people and the effect it can have on academic progress in students.

One of the reasons marijuana is popular is that it helps people to deal with deep-seated problems
For example, if a person has a serious problem that is causing a lot of stress, an hour with marijuana will cause them to relax completely and to forget their issues. While this may seem like a good thing, it actually isnít, because it is not a cure for the problem that the person is having.

This is especially important in the case of psychological trauma. If a person uses marijuana to escape from psychological issues from their past, marijuana only provides a short-term sensation of relief from these issues, and does not solve the issues themselves.

What weíre talking about here is permanent dependency on the drug, which is serious.

Still, this would hardly be a problem, if that was the only effect that marijuana had
The problem is that marijuana affects the entire future timeline of a personís life.

While marijuana gives one a feeling of intense euphoria, as well as a feeling of relaxed detachment from the world (the experience varies from person to person), as well as feelings of enhanced intellect or sensory perception, in reality, a personís mental processes are considerably degraded.

Firstly, one is no longer focused upon the issues of life. It is highly unlikely that a young person who smokes marijuana every evening will concentrate upon their studies or the possibilities of their future career. It is likely that they will spend the day in a very relaxed frame of mind, and then smoke marijuana in the evening.

This leads to a life that actually goes nowhere, and a lot of rather clever and promising young people have ended their lives in extremely low-key positions simply because they became addicted to marijuana.

Not only does marijuana make one psychologically disinclined to study or focus upon a career, it also directly affects cognitive and memory processes
It has been shown clearly in studies that people who regularly use marijuana can no longer call upon the same levels of concentration and the same memory capability as is the norm for them.

You can just imagine how this affects oneís academic progress.

Not only does a student who regularly uses marijuana not have the inclination to focus much upon their studies, but they also have a much lower capacity for understanding concepts and memorizing data than they would otherwise.

One study showed that students who regularly used the drug had severe problems in dealing with mathematical equations, and also had a much lower ability to verbalize data and to deal verbally with their peers or answer questions from examiners.

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