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Does marijuana damage young minds?

A lot of weed users defend the user of marijuana by saying that, compared to hard drugs, and even to alcohol, marijuana seems to do very little damage, and appears to be relatively harmless.

This is actually mistaken reasoning, and pointing out that something is less harmful than another thing is actually no defense of that substance.

There is also definite evidence that using marijuana chronically can damage the intelligence and the IQ
At first, this issue was difficult to study, because many young people who used marijuana were also using alcohol and hard drugs, so it was difficult to isolate the resultant effects as being that of marijuana. However, with a great deal of effort, researchers have finally isolated a clear indication that young people who use marijuana on a regular basis, and for a long period of time, may suffer a long-term drop in their Intelligence Quotient.

People who have continued using marijuana over ten years may actually show a drop in IQ that is over eight points.

What we are talking about here is a person actually growing less intelligent, something that almost never happens in the normal course of things. This has been clearly shown to be a result of the use of the drug.

The effects of marijuana use in adolescence
In the Dunedin study conducted in New Zealand, over a thousand people were observed throughout the course of their lives, from birth. This study started in 1972, and the people involved have been carefully tested, regularly and over time, for Intelligence Quotient, and capabilities, as well as for other indications of human development.

This study has provided a great deal of information to researchers all over the planet, but to us it is particularly important because this study provides year-to-year data about a person’s Intelligence Quotient and cognitive capability. This study showed clear indications that those who used weed during the crucial period of adolescence suffered a resultant drop in IQ if that use continued over a considerable period of time.

But, perhaps, the most frightening part of these statistics is that intelligence did not return to normal when marijuana use was discontinued, that is to say, the drop in IQ caused by marijuana was permanent – marijuana caused permanent damage to the minds of the young people in the study who used it.

To be fair, the drop in IQ only occurs when a person is actually dependent on marijuana and is using it on a very regular basis. It is unlikely that marijuana used twice a month, for example, would cause permanent damage to the intelligence.

However, for chronic users of marijuana, there is very real cause for concern
Concentrations of THC (the active ingredient in marijuana), are very high in marijuana available on the market today, and using such potent marijuana can certainly cause damage to the intellects of dependent or addicted users.

Please bear in mind that people who become addicted or dependent to marijuana are usually those suffering from anxiety or depression, which means that their dependence on marijuana is more than recreational, or even a physical addiction – it is a mental and psychological dependency, and this can be very potent and difficult to deal with.

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