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Does using marijuana cause damage to the brain?

Studies done show that marijuana can definitely affect the way learning works, especially in young minds. Teenagers who use marijuana can find the learning process massively impaired, as the structure of the brain isn't fully established yet.

The brain takes slightly longer to develop than the body
In most people, development of the body is usually complete by the age of twenty. However, the structure of the brain continues to develop till around the age of twenty-five or so. So you can see that the brain could be seriously damaged by using marijuana during the teen years.

Studies have shown that people who use marijuana tend to have serious problems with anxiety or depression without it
Those who have used marijuana chronically for years tend to suffer from schizophrenia. The chronic use of marijuana can also initiate severe psychotic issues. Marijuana use seems to be most detrimental to the developing mind, as adults seem to be able to use it without developing many of the mental issues that teens do.

Just as the mind is developing during the teen years, so also is the personality
Becoming dependent upon marijuana is no basis upon which to construct one’s personality. In many adolescents who use marijuana, marijuana becomes a way of dealing with the unexpected issues of life, and this can result in setting a life-long pattern of dependence upon this drug that is hardly beneficial.

Many young people who showed a lot of promise in their early years end up in extremely low-profile blue-collar work due to their dependence upon marijuana.

Another very important point is that marijuana has grown more concentrated and potent over the years
The marijuana of the sixties is not the marijuana that is available today. It is possible that chronic users have actually pushed for these greater concentrations as lower concentrations of the drug may no longer work for them.

However, the effect of these heavy concentrations upon new users is disastrous.

Not only is the chance of addiction vastly increased, but so also the chance of serious damage to the body and mind
Many emergency room specialists report increased numbers of adolescent patients suffering from attacks of intense vomiting, as well as patients suffering from delirium or psychosis.

Remember that marijuana and other mind-altering substances actually penetrate the blood-brain barrier, a powerful defense mechanism of the brain.

Essentially speaking, any sort of high is simply a toxin wrecking havoc with the chemistry of the brain and altering its ability to work correctly
Yes, the high experienced by using any sort of mind-altering substance is no more than the functioning of your brain being disrupted by the toxins of that substance.

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