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How marijuana affects the human mind

Marijuana can be taken in a number of ways. The most common, of course, is smoking, but it has been baked into brownies, and ingested in any other number of ways. Whatever the method by which marijuana is used, its effects are unmistakable.

How marijuana works
The active component of marijuana, called THC for short, directly acts upon molecules within the brain to affect memory and the moods, as well as appetite. THC actually causes chain reactions in neurotransmitters in the brain, causing a massive triggering of these neurotransmitters, and resulting in the classic marijuana high.

Effects of a marijuana high
Feeling seems to be accentuated, and a lackluster joke will suddenly appear exceedingly funny. Even the most ordinary of foods will suddenly taste exquisite.

While marijuana can have different effects on different people, the most common effects are feelings of relaxation or happiness. People may also feel that they have grown more intelligent and can think better, but this is an illusion created by the drug.

In reality, intelligence under the usage of marijuana does not increase.

Please bear in mind that the drug can affect different people differently, and that it is just as possible for a person to feel extremely paranoid when using marijuana or extremely irritable. In some rare cases, violence has also been noted.

How the mind is impaired when you use marijuana
Functions of the mind are seriously impaired when one is using marijuana, and the most important of these is the ability to focus one’s attention. Another function of the mind that is seriously affected is memory, with a severe degradation of the ability to remember things and events, often even after the marijuana high has passed. Other aspects of the mind and body that are affected are concentration, and the ability to manipulate the body, that is to say, one’s motor coordination.

Marijuana also affects one’s ability to gain information from one’s surroundings, while giving the opposite effect.

This can be extremely dangerous. A person believes that their senses are massively accentuated, and that they are able to absorb more information from their surroundings, while in reality the opposite is actually applicable.

Marijuana might make you focus upon a single point in your surroundings, and you may believe that you can see that point much better than you could when not under the influence of the drug. Unfortunately, you will not see anything else other than that point in your surroundings. This sort of tunnel vision can lead to disastrous consequences... for example if one is driving.

Careful studies have shown that people under the influence of marijuana show lagging reaction times when driving.

They were also much slower when changing lanes, and there was a greater delay before they pressed on the brakes if something unexpected happened. Such lags in reaction time may or may not lead to accidents, but they certainly are not recommended.

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