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Important effects of smoking Marijuana

The effects of smoking marijuana are many and varied, and actually depend to a great extent upon each person. Even the very feelings and emotions that one person experiences while smoking weed may be quite different from that experienced by another. People arenít quite sure why this is so, but some doctors think that it is partially due to each individualís body chemistry being different, as also their psychological makeup.

What a person expects of marijuana might also have a considerable impact upon what they actually feel when they are high
You should be aware that not everything that you experience while under the influence of marijuana is authentic. For example, people experience what they think is an increased sensitivity and an enhanced sensory awareness, but actually it is just that the mind is more sensitive to the input from the nerves.

One does not really hear better when one is under the influence of marijuana, one only thinks one does. The same goes for eyesight.

Similarly, some people think that their mental capacity is actually much enhanced when under the influence of marijuana, but again, this is not so. Studies have shown that mental capability does not improve, but the person under the drug believes that it is so.

The bottom line is that marijuana is a mind-altering substance, and what you experience when under the influence is generally not the truth.

This is why marijuana has so many advocates. People smoke the drug and see and hear what they believe to be true, but which is only an effect of the drug upon their minds.

The physical effects of smoking marijuana are really quite serious
It has been proven that marijuana cigarettes are three times more likely to cause damage to the respiratory system than are tobacco cigarettes. This doesnít necessarily mean that marijuana cigarettes are more harmful than tobacco cigarettes, because a person generally smokes tobacco cigarettes in far greater numbers than does a user of marijuana. Tobacco smokers, especially if they are long-term and chronic users, tend to be chain smokers, and the lung damage caused in such circumstances far exceeds that from marijuana use.

Nevertheless, there are detrimental physical effects to using marijuana. The marijuana user who has been using the drug for a long time will experience an increased pulse, problems with sexual capability, and certainly a degraded ability to understand things, to concentrate, or to remember things in everyday life. Both the function of the mind and secretion of crucial hormones are put badly out of balance, and this can have serious long-term effects. Since marijuana cigarettes are so damaging to the respiratory system, a long-term user will also experience bronchitis or a chronic cough.

Marijuana should never be used by pregnant women as it has been shown to lessen the weight at birth of the child, and also to increase the childís risk of cancer at a later point in their lives Ė hardly a gift one would want to give oneís child.

Children who are born of women who use marijuana during pregnancy, have lower cognitive capability and memory capacity, as well as damaged verbal capability.

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