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Is marijuana addictive?

There was a popular notion a few years ago that it was actually not possible to become addicted to marijuana. This was a mistaken notion due to faulty studies, and most researchers are now of the opinion that marijuana can indeed be addictive, especially if one has become a chronic user.

It is true that tobacco, for example, is far more addictive than marijuana. Nevertheless, marijuana has shown greater addictive possibilities than LSD.

Addiction is quite a different thing from dependence on weed, and dependence on weed is actually very common.
At least one in every ten people who use marijuana will ultimately become dependent on it, and that is rather a frightening statistic. Once an actual dependence has been established in a chronic user, itís a small step from that to a full-scale addiction.

Signs of addiction
One of the first signs of an addiction is an increasing tolerance to the drug, where greater or more concentrated doses are required to achieve the same effect.

Another sign of a definite addiction is that the drug is used by a person more often than they at first intend. For example, if a person is used to using the drug just once a day, they may find themselves unconsciously reaching out for it two or three times a day, and if they at first only used it once or twice a week, they may then find themselves turning into daily users.

Oddly enough, another sign of addiction is actually wanting to quit
If a person strongly wishes to be rid of marijuana, and tries again and again to be rid of it (even without success), this may actually be a clear sign of addiction. The person concerned actually feels Ďchainedí by the drug and is being held in the addiction against his or her will.

Finally, one very important sign of marijuana addiction is that activities related to using the drug tend to dominate oneís life to the detriment of other activities.

A personís entire day, or a significant portion of it, will be focused upon marijuana-related socializing and events - for example, in buying the drug, in interacting with other users, and so on.

This means that a person may not be spending time on hobbies, or interests, or academics, or on their career.

Over time, such focus upon marijuana-related activities will completely degrade a personís self-worth, as well as his or her usefulness to society.

And that brings us to one of the most potent consequences of using marijuana
The use of marijuana - and the way it tends to focus oneís life solely upon marijuana-use - completely destroys a personís potential for growth, and may lead to a downward spiral, mentally, emotionally, academically, and economically.

A person ends up in low-end jobs, earning very little and using whatever they earn to purchase the drug.

Yet, despite these negative consequences, a person persists in their use of the drug. This is the most clear sign of a marijuana addiction.

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