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Marijuana, Is it Good or Bad?

There’s a lot of debate about marijuana, with those who smoke weed insisting that it makes them more intelligent, and that there are countless benefits to smoking weed. Let’s take a balanced look at whether marijuana is really helpful or harmful to a person.

To start with, let’s look at the positive effects of smoking weed
We’ll be disregarding the legal issues surrounding smoking weed here, and will directly focus upon the actual effects of weed. Many of the effects are similar to those caused by other substances that produce ‘highs’.

A person smoking weed may feel a sense of euphoria, and may also feel extremely relaxed. If they are anxious about issues in their life, this anxiety decreases. A person might also become more uninhibited socially, and may talk and laugh in a very relaxed manner, all of which seems to be reasonably positive.

Users also say that they experience an enhancement to the senses, with some of the senses seeming to be extremely accentuated.

While these things are positive, there are also some negative factors directly associated with these seemingly positive effects
For example, the decrease in anxiety about issues that affect one’s everyday life might act solely as a sort of social and psychological anesthetic. Meaning, that the issues might actually be real and smoking marijuana can become a sort of avoidance of those very real issues. This could eventually result in the destruction of a person’s career and lifestyle over time.

While the stress and anxiety the world can place upon an individual are certainly not positive, smoking marijuana as a response to these things becomes a vicious cycle.

There are a great many more positive responses possible, such as choosing a less-stressful career path, even if it pays less, and spending time in activities in the open air, or communing with nature.

These things are seen to reduce anxiety quite as much as smoking marijuana.

It is also true that people can exhibit enhanced social interaction after smoking marijuana, laughing and talking easily with friends.

Unfortunately, if marijuana is used as a response to inhibitions in society, those inhibitions become permanent - in that a person can then only interact with other people effectively when under the influence of marijuana.

Since, at such a point, one is only interacting with other smokers of marijuana, it doesn’t really make for effective social interaction on a larger scale.

At least, not unless the entire world is stoned on weed.

There are also certain extremely disturbing effects noticed in marijuana users
These effects involve concentration and memory, both of which are severely affected, and which can affect one’s ability to function effectively in the world outside ‘marijuana use’.

Other than this, in the initial stages, there are very few side-effects, but if use escalates over time, the number of side effects also escalates and can include a host of mental and physical conditions.

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