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Marijuana is NOT a harmless, natural way to treating mental issues

Many psychiatrists see an alarming trend in young people to try to self-medicate for mental issues by using marijuana. This is because there is massive tendency on the net for people to describe marijuana as a harmless substance because it is ‘natural’.

This is a very foolish way to describe any plant, because, as any naturalist knows, a great many plants are poisonous and harmful to human health, or even to the health of animals, and only a person who’s completely ignorant of biology will ever claim that a plant is harmless merely because it is natural.

It is particularly dangerous that young people are using marijuana to self-medicate for mental illnesses, as there is some evidence to show a direct link between marijuana usage and long-term depression, anxiety issues, and even psychosis.

These issues can be accentuated by marijuana use if a teen already has a family history of such problems.

Moreover, research has shown that heavy and chronic use of marijuana can certainly cause the onset of various mental illnesses among people who already have a genetic tendency to develop schizophrenia.

Those who already use marijuana will show the onset of the symptoms of the disorder sometimes five years earlier than those who simply have a genetic predisposition to the disorder.

Most doctors will recommend that people under the age of twenty not use the drug
There is certain evidence to show that there is a far greater chance of mental issues developing if one uses the drug below the age of twenty, and certainly if one uses the drug under the age of fifteen. The unfortunate fact is that many of those who start using marijuana use it when in their mid-teens.

Some health specialists recommend not using marijuana until past the age of twenty-five, as this is the point where the development of the mind is considered to be complete. Most of these health specialists believe that those who smoke marijuana after the age of twenty-five can do so with much lower chances of developing any serious disorder.

Many marijuana users compare marijuana to alcohol. This is something like picking the lesser among two poisons, and is hardly logical. The argument itself could be said to be an example of the sort of distorted thinking that the drug encourages.

Governments hope that legalization will allow controls to be put upon the quality and potency of the drug, especially upon concentrations of THC in marijuana sold today, which have soared, and which is what actually makes marijuana use so dangerous.

Older strains of marijuana, which contain as little as three percent of THC, can hardly be considered dangerous. The problem is that these older strains are rarely sold today, and most of the marijuana on the streets today contains THC concentrations that range between eight to a deadly twenty-five percent.

Education can also be key to reducing drug use, as a young person who has learned to value his or her mind is that much less likely to use substances that could damage or destroy it.

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