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Signs that someone close to you is addicted to marijuana

One of the signs that a person is addicted to marijuana is a serious alteration of established patterns of behavior. A person previously dedicated to academics or their career may begin ignoring these things, and merely drifting through life.

The person may also exhibit severe alterations of mood, sometimes appearing unnaturally relaxed, and at other times giving vent to intense outbursts of anger or irritation.

These mood swings are directly related to marijuana use
When a person is under the influence of the drug, they will exhibit signs of euphoria, or appear far more relaxed than they usually are.

When a person is no longer is under the influence of the drug, and are beginning to experience cravings for the drug, they may become extremely irritable, and also exhibit intense bursts of anger.

If you notice these patterns of behavior, it is a rather strong indication that the person is using some sort of drug, and possibly marijuana.

Another possible sign of marijuana use is related to smoking
Please bear in mind that these signs could actually be caused by smoking tobacco, and not marijuana. The signs of smoking should only be taken seriously if they go hand-in-hand with the mood swings that I mentioned earlier.

The common signs of smoking are of course, a chronic cough (which comes from the inhalation of smoke), noisy breathing, a constant problem with phlegm, and very often, discoloration of the teeth.

If you notice any of these things, and if the person is not a chronic smoker, they may instead be using marijuana. If you suspect this, be alert for the smell of marijuana, which is a sickly, sweet smell, quite different from the smell that hangs about a tobacco smoker.

If you detect this odor, the person might be addicted to marijuana, or at least, using it.

Please note that most marijuana users will actually try to disguise the smell in some way
You should be alert for this. Using mints, especially if it is not part of a previous pattern, could be a sign of marijuana use. However, smokers also tend to use camouflage of this sort, so do allow for this possibility.

Marijuana affects the mind
Another, and more important indication of marijuana use, especially if combined with the ones Iíve already mentioned, is a severe change in mental capacity.

If a previously clear-minded person now has issues with concentration and focus, or if they suddenly suffer from problems with memory, it is certainly a sign of drug addiction.

Be diplomatic
If you do detect any of these signs, you should approach the subject in an extremely diplomatic manner, or with the help of a trained counselor.

Donít force the user to use deception by aggressively trying to stop them from using the drug. I would recommend against this, as if a user is open with you, this gives you a clear assessment of their problem.

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