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Some of the less obvious dangers of marijuana use

Thereís a lot of publicity regarding the de-criminalization of marijuana, and what with all the fuss created by interested parties, itís becoming increasingly difficult for medical researchers and health specialists to speak the simple truth Ė that marijuana damages the health, damages the mind, and can be addictive.

If you say that marijuana damages the health or the mind, or if you say that marijuana can be addictive anywhere on the net, youíll soon have a lot of marijuana users shouting you down.

So letís take a look at some of the facts, shall we?
The first, and perhaps the most threatening of all facts, is that there is a serious tendency among young people today Ė Iím talking about those in their teens Ė to use marijuana. While marijuana use doesnít cause that many issues in an adult, in a teenager it can be seriously detrimental to the mental and physical health of a person.

It is especially detrimental to the mental health, as studies have shown that marijuana use in a teenager can lead to a massive drop in intelligence, as well as serious problems with memory and cognition.

Never forget that marijuana is big business
It doesnít seem to occur to many people that marijuana is big business, and that there are vested interests behind all these campaigns calling for the legalization of marijuana.

Itís not about infringing a personís freedoms or personal rights; itís about preventing our children from injuring their minds and bodies using a drug that no study has shown to be beneficial to the mind.

Marijuana hits the young worst of all
Especially in young people, marijuana use can cause problems with perception, and serious issues with working out complex problems within the mind. Since memory is affected, it is difficult to hold different aspects of a problem within oneís mind and to remember their relationship to each other. This is something that everyone does to a lesser or greater extent, but a marijuana user can find it very difficult to do this.

More than that, these problems with memory are extremely persistent, and they are often experienced by marijuana users up to a month after the drug was last used.

This is actually an unacceptable impairment of memory, seeing as most marijuana users use the drug more than once a month Ė what this means, in effect, is that the memory of a marijuana user is permanently impaired, or at least, is permanently impaired for as long as they are regular users of the drug.

Mental health issues caused by the drug
Once marijuana use becomes chronic, and there is actually an addiction, there are very much higher chances of psychosis developing, or even schizophrenia. Most of these mental issues are caused by the massive increase in the potency of THC within the marijuana sold today. Whereas the THC concentrations in the marijuana in the nineteen-eighties were as low as three percent, some samples of street marijuana today showed THC concentrations of up to twenty-five percent Ė potency that is certainly detrimental to the health of the mind.

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