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Specific mental and physical health problems caused by marijuana

While there are a lot of mental and physical issues caused by marijuana, these are the most common problems that a user of marijuana could expect.

One of the most common physical effects experienced by a user of marijuana is a problem with breathing. It goes without saying that the smoke from marijuana is an irritant and inflames the tissues of the lungs.

This effect is very much accentuated if the marijuana one uses is a cheap street variety that contains contaminants such as sand.

As you breathe in the particles of sand, they will scar and inflame lung tissue. If the marijuana is not contaminated, the physical problems experienced by marijuana users are more or less similar to those experienced by users of tobacco. There’ll be a persistent cough, and a far greater propensity for lung disease.

Another issue often experienced by users of marijuana is an accelerated pulse
This accelerated pulse will sometimes persist not only during marijuana use, but for between two to four hours after one has smoked the drug.

Some medical researchers believe that this can actually increase the possible risk of a user experiencing a heart attack. If one already is at risk of heart attacks, or if one is an older person, one would be well advised to avoid using marijuana.

Marijuana used during pregnancy is recommended against as there are many health consequences for the fetus.
Children whose mothers used marijuana during their pregnancies have a much lower weight at birth. There is also a much greater risk of them developing problems with their minds or being born with physical defects. Defects of the brain are especially common, as are problems with memory, cognition, or attention span. Children whose mothers used marijuana during pregnancy may also have serious issues with problem-solving. While the mechanisms by which this damage occurs are not clear, it is postulated that certain amounts of THC actually enter the bloodstream of the growing fetus.

Chronic marijuana users, of course, develop far more serious problems, including hallucinations.
These hallucinations are only part of a greater tendency to develop full-blown schizophrenia. The hallucinations may seem exceedingly real, but of course, they are anything but so.

Paranoia is also very common among chronic users of the drug, and a person who uses marijuana regularly may become extremely distrustful of the people around him. Thinking may also become extremely disorganized and a person may not be able to even plan out their day in a coherent manner.

Since marijuana depletes neurotransmitters, it can lead to long-term depression, as well as anxiety issues and panic attacks. There’s also been a link noted between suicidal tendencies and chronic marijuana use.

Casual marijuana use among adults above the age of twenty-five is not found to be detrimental, but chronic use is definitely so.

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