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Steps to take when Quitting Marijuana

If youíre trying to quit marijuana youíre hardly alone, because more than a hundred thousand people actually apply for various sorts of treatment to quit weed and, and thatís in the United States alone.

And a great many of those people are actually successful in quitting weed, but experiences of withdrawal can be quite varied.

What might be easy for one person might be more difficult for another, and vice versa
Sometimes a person just canít quit weed all on their own, and must seek professional help and advice. But medical aid is not always really necessary, and itís actually generally recommended by physicians that you donít go in for hospitalization when youíre trying to quit weed.

Nevertheless, sometimes an institution can actually help you by creating an environment thatís not conducive to smoking weed
For example, if you trying quitting weed at home, you have an entire circle of friends who probably smoke marijuana, and if you interact with them everyday youíre going to find quitting weed extremely difficult.

In an institutional environment, this peer-pressure doesnít exist.

But, you can quit weed Ė and quite easily Ė without the help of an institution
Itís best to visit a doctor and have him evaluate your health before you begin withdrawal from weed, as heíll be able to assess whether you have any health problems that have been caused by smoking weed.

Make sure you tell the doctor if you are smoking or using more than one substance, as this will be essential to his analysis of your possible health issues.

Donít ask the doctor to prescribe medicine that can help you to quit, because, no such medication exists, though your doctor can help you if you have unpleasant symptoms of withdrawal.

Did you know that not everyone will actually experience withdrawal while quitting weed?
Even those who have smoked weed for years can sometimes escape symptoms of withdrawal. It seems to be based upon the individual. Some people experience withdrawal and others do not. If you do experience withdrawal, the symptoms are not life threatening, but tend to be more a sort of irritability.

You may find yourself becoming aggressive or nervous, or giving in to your anger
Feelings of anxiety or feelings of sadness and melancholy are quite common. You might also have problems sleeping at first, as sleep patterns are disrupted when a person first experiences marijuana withdrawal. You might have the odd headache, and your eyes might be sensitive to light for a little while.

Whatever these issues are, they pass quite quickly if you stay on the path, and pretty soon they will be only a memory. Just how long do withdrawal symptoms last?
Well, you shouldnít expect any withdrawal symptoms to last more than three days or so, and very often they drop off after the first day itself. Try to get the help and support of friends and family. Of course, if you get the support of friends, these should be those who do not have a marijuana habit.

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