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The effects of synthetic marijuana

Products called synthetic marijuana are spreading through the market with disastrous and sometimes fatal results. For example, only recently, three teenage boys suffered heart attacks after using a synthetic known as spice.

While many users rejoice in the fact that manufacturers are able to bypass government restrictions, what many of them don’t realize is that this bypassing of restrictions occurs because what they’re using is nothing like marijuana at all!

A similar experience, but dangerous side effects…
While synthetic marijuana offers an experience that is similar to that provided by real marijuana, in reality, the chemical composition of synthetic marijuana is quite different from that of real marijuana. Not only that, but bypassing government restrictions means that it is not safe to use, and can often be life threatening.

While the government is trying to adapt to this influx of extremely dangerous substances, and while the government has put in an emergency ban on some of the synthetic marijuana products out there, the fact remains that a great many of them remain legal and can be sold to virtually anyone, often over the counter.

Almost no study has been done on the short- or long-term effects of these substances on human health, and virtually all of them can potentially cause serious health problems, or even be fatal.

These substances sell under a number of names, such as, red x don, blaze, or K2
They are becoming very popular among young people today, because most of them cannot be detected by a standard drug test. Most of them are also very easily available, as they are often marketed as bath salts, and such, and hence, can be sold over the counter, and a young consumer can buy them knowing that they are breaking no laws.

Most of these synthetic marijuana products work in a manner similar to the active component in real marijuana, which is THC – they activate the same receptors in the brain, giving a high that is similar to marijuana.

However, because their chemical composition is quite different, they can have all sorts of severe side-effects, which real marijuana will not create.

Careful camouflage…
The problem is that many young people think that just because a substance looks like it’s made of herbs (synthetic marijuana is usually chemicals mixed into various herbs to give a marijuana-like look and feel), and because it gives a high that feels similar to marijuana, the substance must be closely related to marijuana.

The reality is that this is anything but the truth. Worse than that, because synthetic marijuana uses chemicals to create the effects that marijuana usually creates, it can have a much more intense effect upon the brain, causing psychotic disorders, as well as hallucinations and feelings of intense anxiety. In serious cases, seizures can also occur.

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