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Weed detox Ė Ways to handle marijuana withdrawal

Iíve heard people claim that there is no such thing as a marijuana addiction, and therefore, withdrawal is not necessary. A few decades ago, people used to actually believe this, because marijuana has very unique withdrawal symptoms, quite different from the symptoms associated with other drugs.

People thought that marijuana did not have withdrawal symptoms quite simply because they didnít recognize the symptoms for what they are.

However, studies over the last few decades have shown that not only do symptoms of withdrawal exist when a person tries to quit marijuana, but these symptoms are very definite and distinctive.

Generally speaking, no one but a person who is a chronic user will experience withdrawal symptoms
A person who is withdrawing from the drug will experience a period of intense irritability in which aggression is far higher than normal.

They will also experience intense anxiety, as marijuana is often used as a coping device by people who naturally suffer from anxiety. If this is the case, a person will be far more anxious than they were before they started using the drug.

Other psychological symptoms may manifest themselves, such as paranoia. Physically, the user will have very little appetite, which may result in weight loss. Users undergoing withdrawal will also experience disrupted sleep patterns.

Depression and discomfort
All these issues together, as well as the depletion of neurotransmitters in the brain, may lead to depression. Many people who use marijuana are depressed even before they start withdrawal, at least when they are not on the drug.

In a chronic user, there may be physical symptoms, such as a pain in the head or in the stomach
A person who has used marijuana extensively for years may actually experience tremors. Another classic symptom of marijuana withdrawal is extensive sweating.

Very few medical institutions will actually offer you a withdrawal plan, as marijuana withdrawal is not usually treated medically. Nevertheless, you will find support organizations that, for a fee, will help you to withdraw from marijuana. There are also some government bodies that run free detoxification programs.

Itís a little known fact that most marijuana addictions actually begin in the mind, when a person starts using the drug as a means to dealing with some major issue in life.
With this in mind, counselors and therapists can actual help you with withdrawal. Various forms of counseling have been shown to be quite effective in assisting with marijuana withdrawal.

There are also specially trained drug counselors that you can find online, or in your local yellow pages. These drug counselors will not only help you deal with the basic issues of withdrawal, but they may also be able to refer you to other experts who can assist you with different other aspects of withdrawal.

This is because much of marijuana use is based upon oneís lifestyle, so changing oneís lifestyle can make withdrawal from marijuana easy and effortless.

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